Summer: expectations versus reality

If only they were a perfect match!

The realities of summertime can sometimes fall short of the imaginings we had in our head. How many of these can you relate to?!
Expectation: 'I can't wait to wear my strappy swimsuit and look great.'
Reality: Has interesting tan lines all over chest and back.
Expectation: 'I will go swimming.'
Reality: 'Was that seaweed that just touched my leg?'
Expectation: 'I can't wait to walk barefoot to the beach.'
Reality: Stubs toe, gets prickles.
Expectation: 'Finally some screen-free holiday time.'
Reality: Everyone gathered around the cricket match on Sky.
Expectation: 'This sunset will be lovely.'
Reality: 'Pass the mozzie repellent…'
Expectation: 'I can't wait for the feeling of the sun on my skin.'
Reality: 'Pass the sunblock...'
Expectation: 'I love small beach town holidays.'
Reality: 'Why is there nothing in this small town's one dairy?'
Expectation: 'I will plant lots of lovely salad greens in my planter boxes.'
Reality: 'Why does rocket and parsley grow better between my pavers rather than my garden containers?'
Expectation: 'I will go on lots of fun road trips this summer.'
Reality: Stuck in traffic with no radio reception.
Expectation: 'Let's get fish 'n' chips for dinner!'
Reality: 'Sorry the wait will be about four hours.'
Expectation: 'I'll sip cocktails on the deck while the kids play in the backyard.'
Reality: Will sip whatever wine found in the fridge while the kids ask where we hid the iPad.
Expectation: 'A weekend camping by the beach sounds great!'
Reality: Tent becomes oven by mid-morning. But still, the beach…
Expectation: 'I will finally relax and catch up with family and friends.'
Reality: Exactly that – so enjoy!

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