Sia Trokenheim's wellness routine

The Swedish-born actress and star of new film Kiwi Christmas shares her thoughts on exercise, happiness and tough times.

Daily routine

I get up early in the mornings… between four and 5am. I need a lot of time on my hands to get the engine going, because I absolutely hate stressing before leaving the house.
I’ve got an alarm that goes off at 6am and the quote that I’ve added to it states: “Drop everything you’re doing! Push-ups and sit-ups - now!”
And that’s what I have to do. This is always followed by a coffee, then the kids normally wake up and it’s all go.
I usually try to manage to squeeze in at least one little meditation session during the day with the aid of an amazing meditation app I’ve found. It’s a very effective way to get some time to myself and allows me to relax.
I enjoy walking and bike riding but to be honest I haven’t had much time for that since the kids came along!
So I’ll just do the old fashioned home based push-ups (minimum of 20 on my toes), sit-ups and the odd squats.

On hard times and happiness

Ever since I started my meditation - and I sometimes only do it for a couple of minutes - I find that it centres me and I come out the other side with less weight on my shoulders.
I’ve recently identified that it’s easy to remove oneself and become a recluse when going through tough times - this is probably the worst thing to do.
I’m learning to ask for help and will always turn to chocolate gelato for comfort and a snuggle with my beautiful children.
I feel most happy when I'm having a good laugh with people and feeling that I can add something to the mix that’s appreciated.
And no stress! When I’m at peace I “feel” more and have got more attention span to appreciate the things that are really important in life.
Be aware of what you’ve got to grateful for - and appreciate it. I have to stop and remind myself how good I’ve actually got it sometimes…