Self-care hacks you can do at your desk

If you feel tired and burnt out by Friday, here are five ways to take better care of yourself during the working week.

By Monique McKenzie
To thrive from nine to five – rather than pushing through the morning feeling lethargic and relying on caffeine – the key is to incorporate daily self-care hacks at your desk.
These can be really simple additions to your day that will make the world of difference.

Calm yourself with essential oils

Lavender, orange and bergamot essential oils can relax and uplift you when you're feeling stressed or stuck for creativity.
Keep a small stash in your drawer and occasionally douse a few drops on a cotton ball to sniff, or pop a small amount on your wrists or neck.
It will help revive your spirits without disturbing others sitting nearby.

Make your workspace a winner

Reorganise your workspace and decorate your desk with quotes that inspire you.
You can also personalise the area with small indoor plants.
Not only will it keep you positive, but it'll help you think clearly too.
To maintain a clean and healthy workspace keep anti-bacterial wipes handy so you can regularly wipe down your desk and keyboard and help prevent the spread of germs.
Personalise your space with inspirational quotes or an indoor plant. (Image: Getty)

Speak out in a meeting

Doing something bold such as volunteering to take on a client you know will challenge you, or speaking out in a meeting, will help up your game when you've been stuck in a rut.
That's because accomplishing something that you feared can give you the adrenaline rush you need to finish the day strong.
You'll feel like more of an asset to your team and more invested in your work.

Consider your shoes

Even if you're sitting down for the majority of the day, it's worth considering your choice of footwear and swapping out heels for flats.
Your heels might not hurt when they're under your desk, but you need to be aware of the ergonomics of how you're sitting all day and the long-term impact this could have on your body.

Take small breaks

Build resoration breaks into your workday, such as walking meetings or eating your lunch away from your desk.

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