The Kiwi celebs supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Well-known New Zealanders on the importance of staying active to deal with depression.

Well-known Kiwis are lending their names to supporting Mental Health Awareness Week and highlighting how they stay positive.
The idea is to spread awareness and support, so those who are struggling feel comfortable opening up and talking to their loved ones.
Zac Franich, Samantha Hayes and Gemma McCaw are among those encouraging their followers on Instagram to get outside and get active.
Bachelor NZ star Zac Franich has previously spoken of his own battle with depression and spoke about not letting negative thoughts become overwhelming.
"I found myself in a deep dark hole. What advice would I give 26-year-old Zac (or anyone for that matter) who's battling? Don't bottle it up, because it won't go away."
TALK, your friends and family care about you more than you think and would love to help," he wrote.

Former Black Sticks player and Woman's Day wellness columnist Gemma McCaw posted a picture of her enjoying a run, encouraging her followers to get outside too.
"This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and it’s all about highlighting the importance of nature and getting outdoors whenever you can," she wrote.

Three News presenter Samantha Hayes also posted a picture of her and a close friend after they'd finished a trail run.
"It's mental health awareness week & getting out & about in the great outdoors for me is the key to happiness."
"Having a buddy, like my friend Penny here who is way more motivated than me, helps too."

Married At First Sight NZ groom Luke also opened up about his previous struggle with mental health issues.
"Like most people, I've had my battles with mental health as do many of my friends and family. It's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of," he wrote.