Glen Osborne: I'm back in my happy place now that DWTS is over for me

Former All Black Glen Osborne gave it his all on DWTS but is happy to be able to get back out in the bush with his dogs.

By Cloe Willetts
When he was under the lights of a buzzing television studio, Glen Osborne looked every bit the pro-dancer, gliding across the floor in sync with his Dancing with the Stars partner Vanessa Cole.
But away from the glitz and glamour Whanganui's favourite All-Black-turned-cop likes nothing more than to be out in the bush, pig hunting on the back of a horse.
"It's like my personal therapy and I usually go once or twice a week, but in the last three months, I only went once," says the former Maori TV presenter who qualified as a policeman three years ago.
"I spend a few days in the bush by myself with the dogs, otherwise I take a couple of nephews and we hunt in the full moon with the horses."
To say he missed this during his time on the show would be "an understatement".
"The only dancing I'd done before DWTS was at the pub when I was younger," says Glen.
Once his journey on DWTS ended, Glen was keen to spend his evenings at home with supportive wife Kylee (47) and their daughters Ariaana (23) and Mako (21) – plus, of course, going out hunting again!
"I took my daughters when they were younger and they enjoyed being out with me, going for walks and catching a pig," he recalls. "But then they got to about 14 and preferred the mall. Now they like cruising with Mum and going shopping."
With Vanessa (41) staying in Whanganui during the DWTS season, Glen says he suggested she try out some boar chasing after the competition wraps up.
"Vanessa said a stern no because she doesn't like pig hunting. She likes pork chops though, I think," teases Glen (47), who instead managed to get his dance partner on the back of a trotting horse.
Riding is second nature for the outdoorsy Kiwi, who moved out of Auckland a few years ago after he applied to New Zealand Police in the hopes of returning to country life.
"I was ready to return home and when it was time to choose my base, Whanganui said they'd love to have me," tells the front-line officer, who has taken on a support position while he competes on the Three showcase.
"I really enjoy the front-line and being out in my community, I will definitely go back to it."
Unsurprisingly, Glen has been a bit of a local celebrity since his rugby union days.
"When I get out in the car for work, people point. I get it all the time. Now they say, 'There's Glen from Dancing with the Stars!'"
Joining NZ police (far left) was a chance to head back to the country for the ex-sports star.
He's also copped on the chin cheeky comments from his friends on the force, who loved having the chance to have a dig at his risqué dance costumes.
"They're a crack-up," Glen tells. "I always got little texts, especially from one workmate, saying I looked like a Sheila with my see-through shirt on, or that I'm like an old granny when I dance," he laughs.
But on the whole, they've been supportive of Glen doing something new in the name of a good cause.
He's been teased by his mates for his outfits, but Glen's loved his time on DWTS
And it's because of his front-line work with the police that Glen chose Women's Refuge as his DWTS charity.
"In Whanganui, there are a large number of family harm incidents and dealing with that is really sad sometimes. If I can help to get the families sorted, then I'm happy," he tells.

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