Gemma McCaws tips on how to survive the silly season

Christmas is just around the corner.

By Gemma McCaw
It's the time of year when we suddenly realise that Christmas is just around the corner again! It's funny how it seems to creep up on us.
Not only are there gifts to buy, menus to plan and travel to organise, but often our social calendars fill up with work parties and school events too.
The key to coping during this time is to be prepared well in advance, so that come December, we're not swamped with enormous to-do lists and not enough time.

Share the load

Remember you don't have to be the only one in your circle of friends or family who organises everything. Delegation can make a huge difference at this time of year and most people are more than willing to help out.
Don't be afraid to ask! Reaching out is the best way to involve others and show that you value their input.

Stress less

It's important during hectic days to put aside time for calming activities.
Try some yoga or five minutes of meditation. Being able to breathe during a stressful event is one of the most undervalued resources we can draw upon.
It is the simplest way for our bodies to calm down, and it helps us think clearly and make good decisions.

Take in the moment

Often when we rush around trying to make sure we have everything right, we get lost in the busy-ness and forget to enjoy the simple moment. Instead of obsessing over the small details, focus on what's most important – quality time spent with loved ones and the memories you make.

Keep your good habits

Don't let all your good habits fly out the window during the silly season.
It is important to get your sleep, ensure quality nutrition and maximise the most of the longer days by getting outside.

Save the date

Map out your calendar with important events, adding columns for urgent and non-urgent tasks. Put them in your diary and schedule reminders so you won't forget them.

Use online shopping

Shopping is now easier than ever, so if you're pushed for time, make a list and order gifts online. Look out for sales and free shipping offers to save some cash. The same goes for food – avoid the Christmas rush at the supermarket by ordering your groceries over the internet too.

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