Gemma McCaw's 7 reasons why you should take a mini-break

In case you needed an excuse!

By Gemma McCaw
As much as we all love holidays, it's not always possible to take large chunks of time off work or fork out for a long trip.
But even a weekend away can do wonders for your health and wellbeing. Short breaks can be just as restorative, and they help recharge body and mind, as well as improving your outlook.
A mini- break can help rejuvenate your energy levels without requiring a lot of logistics, planning and money.

They give you something to look forward to

Give yourself something to look forward to by booking a mini-break. You can enhance your mood even just by starting to plan a trip.
Research suggests that the anticipation you feel about an upcoming event is more satisfying than how you feel when you look back on it.

They have a lasting effect

Studies show that the benefits of a short trip may be just as powerful as a longer holiday.
Therefore, taking breaks throughout the year can improve your health, relationships and productivity.
And sharing your holiday experiences with others can also cement these in your memory bank and help you feel those positive emotions for longer.

They recharge your batteries

Taking a break from your busy life is so important.
By heading away from the stresses of your daily grind, you can choose activities you love to do and totally focus on recharging your batteries.
When you're always under pressure, your stress hormones can spike, which affects your health. Eating and sleeping well, and being able to truly relax on holiday, go a long way to restoring the balance.

They boost your mood

Research suggests that connecting to what you enjoy doing, and getting proper nutrition, exercise and sleep, can help boost serotonin, which balances mood.
It can also activate the reward centre in your brain, creating dopamine, which makes you feel good.

They are good for your body too

Moving your body and engaging in activities you enjoy also help boost the health and wellness benefits while you are away.
Go swimming, walking or whatever you love doing – being out and about is a great way to feel good.

You become rich in life experiences

Studies show that experiences make us happier than material things, so choose something you like doing and leave the work guilt and other pressures at home.
It's not about where you go – it's what you make of the experience that matters most.

They reconnect you with loved ones

As humans, we are hard-wired for connection. Make time to get away with the friends and family who make you happy.
Take the time to reconnect and engage in activities you all enjoy doing – it's a chance to engage in real conversations and disconnect from technology.