Filthy Rich star Miriama Smith’s top wellness tips

The actress shares her secrets to de-stressing, and how she mixes up her workouts.

My best holiday ever...

... was to Hawaii in June this year. I loved it because I’d been commuting from Waihi to Auckland filming Filthy Rich season two for seven months, then I went straight onto 800 Words, so I was desperate for family time. Hawaii is just so laid-back, so we [husband Dylan and son Rauaroha] got to spend quality time together.

Role model

Meryl Streep is incredible. Not only is she a phenomenal talent, but she always speaks with such poise. Moana Maniapoto, right, is also mana wahine. And Helen Clark deserves a mention.

Go-to workout

My favourite way to exercise is definitely yoga. I have a personal practice that I incorporate into my daily routine and I also teach, which I find very therapeutic. If time allows I can sometimes get to a studio when I’m staying in Auckland.
I like to mix up my practice and not get too regimented about it. I also like to balance yoga with some strength work like a pump class or boxing.

Stress buster

When I’m feeling stressed I know I need to just breathe. “Smell the flowers and blow out the candles” – that’s my little mantra that I taught my four-year-old son to help him visualise how to inhale and exhale whenever he gets worked up. It seems to have stuck.

I’d tell my 13-year-old self:

Don’t be in a hurry; everything happens when it’s meant to.

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