5 ways to welcome in spring the eco-friendly way

Spring back from the depths of winter with these simple ideas from ecostore.

By Now to Love with ecostore
As the weather warms and the garden starts to bloom again, it's time to shake off the winter blues and stretch into some new habits for your body, your mind and the planet.
Scroll down to see five great tips to start gearing your mind toward a greener spring.

1. Reuse old glass jars

Since moving away from plastic, chances are you've got a shelf or two of glass jars gathering dust. Why not grow a series of herbs for your garden? Or skip the faux fragrance and create your own scented candles infused with therapeutic essential oils.

2. Aim for progress toward your goal, not perfection

Forgot to pack your keep cup, again? Skip the guilt trip and request a takeaway cup with no lid instead. Or, better still, take five to sit down in the cafe and enjoy your brew in a blissful pause.

3. Reach for a nutrient-rich treat

Smooth, creamy and green all over, avocado is a daily macronutrient powerhouse your body will thank you for. Add to a smoothie with mint, lemon, spinach and tropical fruits; blend with melted dark chocolate, nut milk and pure maple syrup for a velvety chocolate mousse; or slice atop of your favourite salads.

4. Try a spring-scented infusion

Switch on spring with a simple act of self-care each day. ecostore's new Jasmine & Mānuka Honey Body Wash is made from plant and mineral based ingredients, with soothing Mānuka Honey and hydrating Harakeke, leaving skin clean and soft, with Jasmine fragrance.

5. Switch off the alarms and find your own natural rhythm

If your app-led life is stressing you out, you have permission to unplug. Enter, rewilding — a movement that prioritises connectivity (away from technology) in meaningful ways. Instead of relying on apps or fitness monitors to tell you what to eat, when to sleep, and where to go, rewilding invites your intuition to rediscover what your body and soul needs.
Be a conscious consumer and help choose a better tomorrow. Go to ecostore.com to find out more.
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