3 ways to deal with day-to-day stresses and worries

Learning to manage stress will help improve your quality of life.

By Bronte Chaperon
Although we all experience stress at one point or another, sometimes these feelings of anxiety can be overwhelming.
Like when you're not getting along with a co-worker, having a tense dinner with your in-laws or juggling too many work projects at once, for example.
Experiencing stress is normal - and good for us in some circumstances - but if these feelings don't dissipate or calm down, you may begin to feel overwhelmed, which is why learning to manage difficult emotions is imperative.
To help us build resilience, registered psychologist and managing director of Umbrella, Jacqui Maguire, shares three tips for coping with stress and anxiety in the above video.
It's worth noting that the tips shared by Jacqui will help you with day-to-day stresses, but if you are experiencing mental health issues you should always seek help from a professional.
We've outlined where you can get help below:
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