Victoria Beckham reveals how she stays in shape

The mother-of-four and former-Spice Girl shares her exercise routine.

When it comes to switching off and relaxing, most of us hit up the local take-away, pop open a bottle of wine, slump onto the couch and feast on Netflix. Working up a sweat with your personal trainer or charging solo on the treadmill is far from your thoughts.
But for fashion designer, mother-of-four and former-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, sweating it out is how she truly unwinds. The self-confessed "control freak" told The Times how she keeps her famously slim body strong and in shape, while also finding refuge from her busy life.
"I get up quite early, around 6am, and do an hour in the gym before the kids get up," Victoria explained.
"Then I give them breakfast and David or I take them to school. I’ll then fit in another hour’s workout before I go to the office."
That’s a two hour workout, every morning for a working mother-of-four. Talk about girl power!
"I’m very disciplined, I have to be. It’s really the only time in the day I get to myself," said the If You Wanna Be My Lover singer.
VB explains that the gym is off-limits for anyone but her family.
"No one comes into the gym, no one follows me in there with a laptop," she said.
"If I’m standing in the kitchen for too long, then laptops will come floating in my direction. Someone always wants something approved, something signed off."
"Other than the children, no one dares come into the gym."

While you may think her gruelling two hour a day, seven days a week workout regime might be enough to keep her as fit as a fiddle, Victoria also dished that she enjoys eating healthily.
"I’m in the fortunate position where it’s easy for me. I can afford to eat well."
VB, who calls her fashion line her fifth child, also has launched a make-up line that is demanding her attention, not to mention her four kids and equally busy husband. So keeping her body healthy and strong is essential to effectively run her household and business.
"I expect a lot from my body," she said.
"And I’m never sick. You have to be kind to your body if you expect a lot from it."
We can't argue with that, VB.