10 thoughts we all have when working out for that 'summer bod'

Getting into shape for summer can be a difficult journey...

Around September each year, many women have a thought: I really should get into shape for summer.
While it certainly isn't necessary for women to tone up for the warmer months (women have beautiful bodies at any size - and should never feel pressured to look a certain way), some feel that with bikini season approaching, they'd like to trim down and feel a bit more confident in their bodies. Enter: A healthy eating plan and exercise.
A healthy lifestyle is necessary for a slim-down, and adjusting from a Netflix-watching couch potato to spring health goddess can be easier said than done.
We've compiled a list of the things we all think when starting a new healthy eating and exercise plan...

1. Why am I doing this again?

Improving your fitness and physique seems like a great idea until you begin your gruelling workout... cue sore muscles and no comfort food.

2. I refuse to eat another salad

Salads quickly lose their appeal (do they have one in the first place?) when you have one for lunch every day.
Oooh but a cheese scone and coffee sounds good...

3. I'd kill for a donut

A donut, slice of pizza, chocolate... whatever your guilty pleasure of choice is!
Committing to a healthy eating plan can be hard, just one donut wouldn't hurt, right?

4. My muscles are screaming

When you take your first Body Pump class and can barely walk afterwards.
Sneaky tip: Wait until the rest of the class leaves so you can limp away and lick your wounds without the judgement of those using weights bigger than your body.

5. No, I do not want to get up at 5am for a gym date

Well-meaning friends who invite us to CrossFit or F45 at some crazy hour are wonderful, but we'd really rather get the extra couple of hours of sleep. How do we politely decline the offer?
Phoebe from Friends knows.

6. It's been weeks and I can't see a difference

Sometimes it takes a little longer than we'd hope for us to be able to see any weight loss results. This can often lead to lots of complaining to our partners and friends, a sneaky chocolate binge and a rest day - or four.

7. Is my gym instructor trying to break me?

When the gym instructor tells you to add more weight to your barbell and you look at him like...

8. I need new exercise clothes

It's a big thing to forgo your old concert t-shirt and leggings combo (that just aren't cutting it anymore) and invest in some nice, new workout clothes. It says you mean business.
They cost a fortune but you've got to admit, you look great in your new clothes - and you can't wait to work out in your new gear.

9. Oooh, I hope that smell isn't me

At the gym there are all kinds of delightful smells floating around. We just hope one of those smells - the very noticeable body odour in class - isn't us!
Perhaps it's time to do a sneaky underarm check. But how to do that discreetly?

10. I did great in class today

As time goes on, the gym classes get easier and you can (very proudly) add more weights to your barbells. You feel healthier, stronger and think you're looking pretty damn good.