The Real Girls' Guide to Getting Fit: Planking

Follow our Health Editor Sinead's fitness journey with personal trainer Coach Rhys.

Now To Love's Health Editor Sinead Corcoran is on a mission to get back in shape, and has enlisted the help of personal trainer Rhys Jolly.
He's known around town as Coach Rhys, and has trained everyone from top athletes, busy CEO's, new mums and Kiwi celebrities - and now he's stepped in to help Sinead find her motivation to enjoy exercising again, eat better and feel good about her body.

Meet Sinead

Rhys says: “In the first 30 days, we’ll focus on establishing the habits that will carry Sinead through her health and fitness journey. Sinead’s body will adapt as it learns to respond to the new exercises, so to keep progress going, we’ll be setting new goals every four weeks."
Last week we introduced Sinead and Rhys, and this week we are checking in with Sinead on how her new diet and excersise regime is going.

Watch Sinead talk about how she's dealing with her new diet

Sinead has been following a high protein meal plan of vegetables and lean meats such as chicken and fish. She has eliminated carbohydrates and sugar from her diet.
Before altering what you eat, it is important to ensure you are eating a nutritionally balanced diet with enough calories to sustain you, and consult a medical or nutritional expert if you have any questions or concerns. Sinead consulted with a qualified nutritionist before changing her diet, and it is tailored to her personal nutritional requirements.

Watch Sinead reveal how her second week of exercise has been

Before embarking on any health or fitness regime, always consult a medical professional.