Prime Minister Bill English is now a health blogger

The new Prime Minister has taken his fans on a virtual tour of his exercise routine which he's dubbed a "walk-run".

It looks like even Bill English has caught on to the health and wellness blogging trend, taking to social media to share his exercise regime with his followers.
The Prime Minister posted the video to his Facebook page last night to give the public a sneak peak into how he maintains his physique.
"People often ask what I do in my spare time, so I thought I'd show you first hand." he wrote.
During the video, Bill describes how he walks "up the hills" and runs "the downhill bits", a relatable approach to tackling exercise.
"It's quite a big hill but it's always worth it for the view and it gets better," he says while puffing and panting up the hill, before he showing off a view of Wellington.
Bill goes on to reassure those who may be skeptical that the video is of the one and only Prime Minister and not a stand in.
"Now you're thinking, is it him? Yep it is. Not just a voice over!" he confirms, poking his head into the frame.
He ends the clip with an inspirational message to his fans.
"An hour and a quarter in the bush and the blue sky and the fresh air - it's pretty good to be able to do it."