Personal trainer Kate Ivey shares how she got into shape after three pregnancies

After the birth of her third baby, Kate Ivey decided to take back control of her body - she now has a booming online personal training program.

Feeling low in confidence and dissatisfied with her body, Kate Ivey was ready to give her life a healthy overhaul. She changed her diet, started exercising and, eventually, started her own online training program to help other busy mums feel and look good. Now To Love spoke to Kate about what inspired her drastic change and how we can get in on the action.
Hi Kate, tell us about your health and wellness habits before having kids, were you always quite fit and healthy?
Before having children I was always sporty but my weight fluctuated a lot! This was mainly due to changes in my life such as starting university and going travelling. I used to be an all or nothing person, so if I wasn't active at the time then the rest of my lifestyle wasn't great either!
How did this change when you had kids?
During my pregnancies my all or nothing attitude really took its toll. I found it challenging during the first trimesters to exercise so I just gave up. I then got addicted to high sugar foods, felt terrible and the downwards spiral continued! I didn't like my body and this caused me to eat more! I also faced an extra challenge in my third pregnancy – I ruptured my Achilles tendon at 20 weeks so couldn't even walk for 10 weeks and there was long rehab after that.
What inspired you to get into shape?
I wanted to be in shape to feel good on both the outside and inside. Each journey after my three pregnancies was different and by the third one I had overcome so much, that I now have a much better understanding of what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle long term. Previously I was too focused on what I looked like and I think this also caused the big weight gain during pregnancy, as I was less health focused than I should have been. Being in shape makes me feel confident, in control and I love the process!
Kate gained between 25-30kgs throughout her three pregnancies.
How did you get into shape?
I decided enough was enough three weeks after my third baby was born, I had eaten 24 Christmas mince pies two weekends in a row. I then waited until Boxing Day (2014) where I started healthy eating and I haven't looked back. I started with walks and jogs and lower intensity exercise and then I introduced weight training, HIIT and running (all now found on DediKate).
What does a typical day of exercise and food look like now you are living healthily?
At the moment I exercise five to six times per week, but there have been periods where it has been three to four times or less when super busy. I use DediKate for my workouts and also do one gym session per week.
I eat a lot of food - which is the key to success. I eat six to seven times per day and include a variety of fruits, veggies, lean meat and other protein, healthy fats and wholegrain carbs. I eat much more than you would expect. Drinking plenty of water and eating often are so key to success. I tend not to stray too much from my healthy eating and when I do I try and get myself back on track as soon as possible. Overcoming my all or nothing attitude has helped me on my journey to success.
You're the founder of DediKate, what inspired you to start the business?
I have always wanted my own business, and even more so living on a farm. I wanted my own sense of self identity. I studied physical education and psychology at university and worked in the health and fitness industry for years, so when the time was right (after having my third child) this field was the obvious choice. My inspiration came from wanting someone that I could look up to and be motivated by with my health and fitness, and then I realised that I could be that person for others. Helping busy women with their health and fitness goals is so rewarding, because I know the difference it makes to their lives as I know the difference it makes in mine.
Can you tell us a bit about DediKate?
DediKate is an online health and fitness community for busy women. It has a variety of different workouts that are time effective and designed for fat loss, tone and general all around fitness and strength. Including my all new online Boot Camp! DediKate also has healthy recipes, motivation, nutrition advice, and a supportive community to ensure women get the results they deserve.
DediKate has a 2 Week Free Trial, so you should give it a go!
How do you feel now that you are living healthily and encouraging women to do the same?
I feel amazing and it gives me so much energy – the buzz from my healthy lifestyle and from helping others. However, just like anyone, I have my days where things are tough and I worry that my work/family balance isn't right. I also have days where I go off track, but I ensure I don't feel guilty and I focus on living all the advice I give to others!
Kate Ivey, BPEd, BSc, is the director of Kate Ivey Fitness and Founder of DediKate. Get your DediKate 2 Week Free Trial now.