21 ways to be more body confident

Love yourself today.

1. Dress to your shape, not someone else’s.
2. Stop thinking about what you used to be, focus on today. Or imagine yourself at 95, then realise how good you look now!
3. Wear red lipstick.
4. Write down 10 things you love about your body. Sssh… no arguing.
5. Smile. It makes a big difference.
6. Judge your weight by how you feel, not what the scales say.
7. Exercise to release those feel-good hormones. And because your body deserves it.
8. Celebrate all the amazing things your body does for you: running, dancing, breathing, laughing, dreaming…
11. Treat yourself to a spray tan.
12. Remember that behind every movie goddess is a lighting professional, a tailor and a makeup artist.
13. Wear matching underwear. Or Spanx.
14. Have a mirror detox. How about ‘mirror-free March’?
15. Go on a shopping spree.
16. Your boobs are different sizes? Symmetry is boring.
17. Splash out on a custom-made dress/suit. It’s not your shape, but generically designed garments that are the problem.
18. A great pair of heels will make you stand taller, and not just because of the heel.
19. Embrace elastic in your jeans, because if your favourite denims can’t be a little forgiving, what hope do we have of being a little forgiving of ourselves?
20. Dance.
21. Instead of worrying about the size of your bum, remember that other people are admiring your friendly smile/beautiful shoes/thick hair.

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