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Why you should go vegetarian for a month

Not sure if cutting out meat is for you? Give it a go for six weeks for a good cause.
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If you’ve toyed with the idea of becoming vegetarian/vegan but aren’t sure where to start, why not give it a whirl with the October Eat Kind challenge?

The six-week challenge is organised by animal rights group SAFE to coincide with World Vegetarian Month; the idea is to raise awareness about what a plant-based diet can do for our health, for the wellbeing of animals and the planet.

According to SAFE, “A vegetarian on average, saves the lives of 96 animals every year; a vegan saves even more”.

On the health side, says the organisation, a veg diet is full of vitamins and cancer fighting compounds, and is packed with probiotics for optimal gut health.

It’s also low in saturated fat and high in fibre, reducing the risk of heart disease.

And research from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests diets rich in fruit and veg can work to significantly lower blood pressure.

You can try ditching animal products for the duration of the challenge, or use it to kickstart a more permanent change of diet; they’ll email you tips and tricks to support you along the way.

You can even start small, beginning by replacing or skipping the meat in your favourite dishes.

Have spaghetti with vegetable or lentil bolognese, replace the beef in your burritos with beans and rice, add veggies rather than meat to your homemade pizza or pop a veggie burger on the grill for your weekend barbecue.

However, before ditching animal products – even if only for a short time – you need to ensure you’ll be getting your key minerals and vitamins. So talk first with your GP or nutritionist and then – pledge to veg!

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