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What you need to eat at every stage of your cycle

Foods that can help boost your body with what it needs, at every stage of the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle
Like it or not, our monthly menstrual cycle affects everything from the way we feel, to how we look.
From changes in our sex drive, to those period declaring chin spots, our fertility affects the rest of our body.
But rather than feel helpless when at certain points you feel teary or bloated, or unattractive, there are ways you can counter these with what you eat.
Women’s hormone expert, Alisi Vitti, told My Domaine what we should be eating at each phase of our cycle.
First things first, get a fertility/period tracker like one of these app choices.
Once you know which phase you’re in, follow Alisi’s rules here.
Follicular phase
Just after your period but before you ovulate, Alisi suggests incorporating the ancient aphrodisiac honey into your diet. Science hasn’t confirmed its link to sex drive, but it contains Boron and Nitric Oxide – essential compounds or arousal.
Ovulatory phase
Antioxidant and phytochemical rich, figs are the perfect snack for balancing out your hormones. While they’re apparently also associated with arousal, they’re also a healthy choice for your body.
Luteal phase
After you ovulate but before your period, Alisi recommends asparagus. Packed full of aspartic acid, these can help prevent the fatigue you feel coming on just before your period starts.
Menstrual phase
Avocados were revered by the Aztecs for their ability to incite sexual passion, states Alisi. But they’re also a great source of bioidentical testosterone, which will help your body if it’s lacking in the natural verison. While you might think testosterone is just for the boys, women produce it in smaller doses too, and we need it to maintain things like sex drive and muscle mass.