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Duchess Meghan’s go-to comfort food has been revealed and it’s very surprising

She’s known for her healthy approach to food and wellbeing, but this latest revelation from an unearthed interview proves she’s just like us.
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There’s no denying Duchess Meghan is the queen of health and wellbeing, she’s well-known for her advocacy of clean eating and love of yoga and meditation.

And while quinoa, kale and acai bowls are regular staples in Meghan’s diet, an unearthed interview from her days before becoming a member of the British royal family has revealed even she can’t resist some unhealthy food cravings once and a while.

Her go-to? Boxed macaroni and cheese!

We must say we were surprised when we heard a boxed mac and cheese was Meghan’s comfort-food of choice. (Image: Getty)

While her love of French fries, wine and poutine have been well-documented, we’ve got to admit this latest revelation has us surprised!

In an interview with EyeSwoon back in 2017, the former actress revealed the foods she secretly still loves to eat.

“I now buy the Annie’s organic one if I’m craving it,” she shared, “but I throw some frozen peas into it and have this gooey simple childlike meal.

“I used to cook it for the kids I would babysit and I always enjoyed feeling like a kid and eating it with them.

“I’m also not averse to eating tater tots. With ketchup and sriracha.”

Meghan’s made it no secret that she has a weak spot for a good glass of vino, in particular a California cabernet. (Image: Instagram / @meghanmarkle)

Of course, these occasions are a rarity, as the avid foodie shares her usual diet will usually consist of “acai bowls, green juices, chopped salads, perfect sushi, grilled fish tacos,” and that she always aims to use “fresh, fresh, fresh” produce when she cooks.

In the past Meghan has even revealed that she steers clear of coffee, opting for a fresh juice or kombucha instead.

“I think trying to go for coffee or things like that only end up hurting you at the end,” she told Shape in 2016.

“So to get a really good natural source of energy I like a great green juice or even kombucha I’ll have sometimes, something that just gets right into your system to pick you up.”

Meghan says her Californian roots influenced her clean eating lifestyle. (Image: Getty)

While she may be a member of the royal family now, that certainly hasn’t stopped her from integrating her healthy lifestyle, which she credits to her Californian upbringing, into life at the Palace, with some of it even rubbing off on Prince Harry.

According to the Daily Mail, in the lead up to their historic royal wedding in May 2018, Meghan was hugely influential in Harry’s pre-wedding diet overhaul, with sources telling the publication that he was “following his fiancée’s love of ‘cleaning eating’.”

The regime reportedly involved swapping carbs and processed foods for kale and quinoa and cutting back on meat.

The news outlet also reported at the time that Harry had joined an exclusive gym, and if he was prescribing by Meghan’s fitness routine, pilates, hot yoga and running would’ve been on the cards.

Meghan loves yoga and often posted photos of her perfecting poses on her now-deleted Instagram account. (Image: Instagram / @meghanmarkle)

It then comes as no surprise, that Meghan is planning to take a similar approach to raising Archie, with the new mum’s close friend and celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin revealing she’s keen to make her own baby food.

Speaking to CBS Gayle King, who also happens to be a close friend of Meghan’s, Daniel said, “I’m sure the baby’s gonna be raised like, definitely clean and green.

“Clean and green for the baby. She loves to cook. Eating organic whenever she can.

“Oh, I totally see her making her own baby food.”

And while making your own baby food may not be for everyone, if there’s one thing to take away from Meghan’s approach to health and wellness, it’s her approach to self-care.

“I give myself the luxury of downtime,” she told Women’s Health.

“We are all so incredibly busy and juggling so many things but I always take an hour to just decompress, watch mindless TV and enjoy a glass of wine.

“That’s all part of the investment. It’s a balance.”

If those aren’t words to live by, we don’t know what are.

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