6 dietary changes that can help you lose weight

Alexa Towersey explains why small tweaks in your eating habits can offer big results.

By Alexa Towersey
Whether you've been comfy in a relationship and gradually gained 10 kilos (guilty) or always struggled to maintain a healthy BMI, it's fair to say that at some point in our lives, many of us have found ourselves wanting to lose a little weight.
Losing weight is no easy task though - particularly if you've plateaued. Or can't give up donuts.
And sometimes it feels as if all the training in the world won't shake those last few kilos.
If you resonate with this, we have some good news. You might be surprised to know that losing weight is actually more about nutrition and stress management than exercise, so adjusting your eating habits slightly can make all the difference.
Here, personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach and Fire Up Voome program coach, Alexa Towersey, explains how we can make small changes to our diets and see big results.
Everybody has different genetics, hormones, body types, training backgrounds and lifestyles.
This means that everybody responds differently to training and nutrition protocols. What works for your best mate, work colleague or favourite celebrity will not necessarily work for you.
That is why it so important to learn to listen to your body. It is very clever when it comes to knowing what is good for YOU and what is not, and it will tell you in no uncertain terms.
It is also really important to know your objective. Training or eating for hypertrophy (muscle building) is different to that for performance and is different again when it comes to weight loss or fat loss.
If you don't know what your objective is, then how do you create a plan of attack to reach it?
I don't often encourage calorie counting (unless a specific goal requires it), as I find it can be a huge stressor, and from experience if you are focusing on a diet rich in wholefoods, your appetite will regulate naturally.
I advocate eating when you are hungry, and until you are 80 per cent full. When it comes to portion size, a good rule of thumb is; for females, one palm size of protein, one thumb size of fat (1 tsp) and unlimited green leafy veggies, with double that for males.
If in doubt, these are sound principles to work off.
Here are some of my top nutrition tips: