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Say goodbye to digestive issues & acne woes with PuraU

Unlock the secret to optimal gut health — it's time to glow from the inside out

Are you tired of dealing with acne and digestive issues? Studies suggest that 54% of people with acne have an imbalanced gut microbiome, and bloating and digestive issues are 40% likely to be experienced alongside acne. If you’re looking for a solution that targets the root cause of your gut and digestive health woes, we’re currently turning to Aussie brand PuraU for its gut health supplements.

Read on to learn about unhealthy gut symptoms, how to reset your gut health, and which PuraU gut health supplements are best for you. Also, don’t miss PuraU’s massive End of Financial Year sale — for a limited time, save up to 40% by using the code EOFY at checkout!

What are the signs of an unhealthy gut?

An unhealthy gut can result from poor diet, alcohol, and stress. Common symptoms of poor gut health include frequent bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and excessive gas. You might also experience acne, skin irritation and mood swings due to an imbalanced gut microbiome. You can seek effective gut health solutions tailored to your needs by being attentive to these indicators, such as dietary modification (from fermented foods to fibre) and gut health supplements for beneficial bacteria.

How do I reset my gut?

Resetting your gut begins with making conscious lifestyle choices that encourage a balanced gut microbiome, including incorporating gut health foods rich in prebiotics and probiotics, drinking ample water, and reducing your intake of processed and high-sugar foods. For a more targeted approach, consider a gut health supplement that contains essential nutrients and probiotics to heal and improve gut health.

If you’re after the best supplements for gut health, PuraU is an Australian-made brand dedicated to repairing your gut, reducing inflammation, and creating a healthy environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive. Scientifically formulated alongside experts like microbiologists, naturopaths, and nutritionists, PuraU’s gut health supplements include prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.

PuraU Reset Bundles

If you’ve never done a gut cleanse, we recommend embarking on your gut health journey with one of PuraU’s Reset Bundles. There’s a Starter, Intermediate, or Advanced Reset bundle, depending on the state of your gut health.

After completing a Reset, you can move on to PuraU’s Inside & Out Programs for maintenance and repeat the Reset Bundle cleanse every 3-4 months or as needed (consult your healthcare professional first).

PuraU Inside & Out Programs

PuraU’s award-winning Inside & Out Programs include high-performing gut health supplements, offering a comprehensive 3-part approach to repair and restore the gut, minimise bloating, cleanse the body of excess toxins, and target acne and breakouts.

The Inside & Out Programs are available for 20, 40 or 60 days and can be re-taken continuously afterwards. Users rave about them on PuraU’s website, with many regaining their confidence after noticing clearer skin and reduced bloating.

As well as the current EOFY sale offer, all PuraU Reset Bundle and Inside & Out Program purchases come with a free E-book recipe for the ultimate nutritionist-approved gut health inspiration.

PuraU Gut Health Supplements & Probiotics

If you’re after a stand-alone gut supplement to incorporate into your existing health regime, we recommend PuraU for a well-rounded approach to gut health. There’s Gut Maintain for improving your gut flora, Balance to support female hormones, Detox & Cleanse for detoxification, and Gut & Immunity to promote a healthy digestive system.

As PuraU’s goal is to help you look and feel great, it offers a 60-day, money-back guarantee, giving you yet another reason to embark on your gut health journey.

Embrace a healthier you with the best gut health supplements from PuraU, and make the most of up to 40% in savings by using the code EOFY at checkout. It’s time to say goodbye to acne and bloating and hello to a healthy gut. Visit to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your healthcare professional before taking this product with other medicines.

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