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3 reasons why you need magnesium in your life

From helping you get a good night's sleep, to alleviating stress and helping soothe muscles, magnesium is the essential mineral that keeps on giving.

By Now To Love with Nutra-Life
Magnesium is an essential mineral needed to support more than 300 metabolic reactions in your body, from the growth and maintenance of your bones, to the way organs, nerves and muscles work to even helping to calm nerves and reduce high blood pressure and migraines.
While magnesium is the most abundant mineral in the body with modern day diets, magnesium deficiency is one of the world's most common deficiency's with many people lacking in the amount of magnesium their body needs to function at its best.
Magnesium can generally be found in foods that are high in fibre – think legumes (beans and pulses), whole grains, vegetables (particularly broccoli and dark leafy greens), seeds and nuts and can even be found in dark chocolate.
However an effective, sure-fire way to ensure your body is getting the amount it needs for optimal health is by adding a magnesium supplement to your daily diet, such as one of the specially formulated supplements from Nutra-Life's specialised magnesium range.
And, you may be surprised at what a difference maintaining your magnesium levels might make, from a better stress response to a good night's sleep, here's three benefits to having magnesium in your life.

1. It could be the key to a good night’s sleep

Getting the optimal amount of good quality shut-eye is vital for being well and healthy (experts usually recommend between seven and nine hours), with a lack of sleep associated with some serious health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. It can also affect your concentration and can impact your immune system, making it difficult for your body to fight infections, should they arise.
But while it's all well and good knowing all the reasons you should be aiming for plenty of sleep, if you're suffering from insomnia, it's much easier said than done – and that's where magnesium comes in.
Insomnia is a common sign of magnesium deficiency and upping your levels of magnesium to a healthy quantity often leads to a deeper, more restful night's sleep.
If you're lacking in magnesium and struggling to sleep, Nutra-Life's Magnesium Sleep+ is the ideal supplement to try. It's specially formulated to help promote sleep, containing magnesium amino acid chelate combined with sleep supporting herbal extracts such as passion flower, lemon balm, schisandra and hops.

2. It can help support a healthy response to stress

It's not uncommon these days for many people to find their work-life balance isn't quite as balanced as they would like, what with that growing to-do list at work and juggling the kids and their after school extra-curricular activities, 'stress' is a word finding its way into many people's regular vocabulary.
And while stress can be beneficial at times – it can help our body cope with added stress as the adrenaline that's released provides an extra boost of energy – long-term stress can be detrimental to our health and can affect our relationships and physical and mental wellbeing. If you're not careful constant stress can lead to burnout, something the World Health Organisation have recently added to its International Classification of Diseases list.
Thankfully there are many ways you can help your body have a healthy response to stress. While self-care practices, exercise and meditation and mindfulness practices have all been found to help people regulate stress and anxiety, research has found magnesium also plays a key role in helping your body regulate its stress response.
Research has linked magnesium with alleviating stress and reducing anxiety, and considering your body loses larger amounts of magnesium when you're stressed, it pays to maintain healthy magnesium levels.
Nutra-Life Magnesium Stress Ease is the perfect place to start, a unique formula which combines magnesium amino acid chelate with herbs such as ashwagandha, OciBest™ holy basil, rehamannia and B vitamins, which all work to support a healthy stress response during times of stress.

3. It can aid in muscle recovery

We all know the benefits exercise and having an active lifestyle can have for your mental and physical health, but if you've had a couple of particularly big workouts that have left you a sore the next day, you may want to top up on your magnesium.
When you exercise, your body is depleted of magnesium at a more rapid rate, as it's crucial for sustaining energy levels during a tough workout, and when you've finished your workout, magnesium then begins to work on helping your muscles recover, helping to soothe and relax muscle tension and prevent them from cramping.
You can then see why magnesium is crucial for not just making sure you have the energy to get the best out of your workout, but also for ensuring you're ready to tackle your next workout just as efficiently.
So whether you're having difficulty sleeping, finding yourself under an immense amount of stress or just want to ensure your body is receiving the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals you need, ensure you have plenty of magnesium-rich foods in your diet or a supplement if you need that extra boost - your body will thank you for it.
Nutra-Life provides premium health products that are manufactured to strict quality standards using formulations based on 50 years experience and is available in all leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide. Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin & mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.