Would you wear these to fall asleep faster?

This is apparently the secret to getting a better night’s sleep.

good night's sleep
Many of us struggle with drifting off, especially with the stressful, technology driven lives we lead these days.
But according to new research, the key to getting yourself to sleep is lies in how much light you’re exposing yourself to before bed.
The University of British Columbia conducted a study where individuals wore sunglasses for two hours before they were due to go to bed.
Glenn Landry explained to CBC News that by avoiding light at the end of the day, biological messages were getting through to their bodies that it would soon be time to switch off.
Could shades be the secret to better sleep tonight?
“We have artificial sources of light available to us 24 hours a day,” the research fellow explained.
“We’ve got our laptops with us, and we’re doing email and we’re watching TV late at night. And so we’re getting light at night [which] impacts our circadian rhythms, our daily biological rhythms.”
So if you’re checking your Facebook before bed, or having a Netflix binge right until you switch off, you could be interfering with your body’s natural wind down period.