Top 10 most stressful & least stressful jobs

By Donna Fleming
What you do for a living can have a huge impact on your health. Not only do many jobs present physical dangers, but they can also be stressful, which can in turn affect your wellbeing. Stress can play a part in a variety of conditions.
According to a recent US survey, the most stressful jobs are:
  1. Enlisted military personnel
  1. Military general
  1. Firefighter
  1. Airline pilot
  1. Event coordinator
  1. Public relations executive
  1. Senior corporate executive
  1. Newspaper reporter
  1. Police officer
  1. Taxi driver
The least stressful jobs are:
  1. Audiologist
  1. Hair stylist
  1. Jeweller
  1. Tenured university professor
  1. Seamstress or tailor
  1. Dietician
  1. Medical records technician
  1. Librarian
  1. Multimedia artist
  1. Drill-press operator

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