This natural skincare range is perfect if you want healthy, age-proof skin

More and more women are turning to natural skincare for healthy, vibrant skin. Here's why.

If you've been wanting to make the switch to natural skincare products lately, you aren't the only one. Natural skincare has absolutely boomed in the last couple of years - and for good reason.
As we become increasingly aware of the harmful and (at times) toxic ingredients used in cosmetics and skincare brands, more women are wanting to switch to a healthier, natural and green option. But it's not just nasty synthetic and chemical-laden products driving the switch, the natural skincare industry has made serious grounds when it comes to creating ethical, sustainable but effective formulations.
These days natural beauty products are just as luxurious as their synthetic counterparts, but natural skincare offers a safe, effective, feel-good alternative for shoppers. Natural products feel soft on the skin, they smell wonderfully earthy or fruity and the best part is they work. Skincare brands are now using everything from charming seed oils to dreamy flower extracts in their products, and after using natural skincare you feel a righteous sense of pride for being such a modern, wellness-oriented woman - you kind of feel like you deserve a high-five and a (nice) green juice afterwards.
One natural skincare brand Now To Love particularly likes for its hard-working, environmentally-friendly but luxurious products is Kiwi brand Trilogy (yes, we're proud patriots.)
Trilogy was created by New Zealand sisters Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot, who started the brand with five rosehip products, and are now selling a whole range of sustainable products in more than 20 countries - pretty impressive.
As expected, all the products feel amazing, smell delightful and work terrifically well, but that's not why Now To Love resonates with Trilogy skincare so well. It's their commitment to helping women feel their most confident in their own skin - naturally.
Trilogy is a big fan of embracing getting older and having vibrant, healthy skin is a big part of that - which is why they've developed their incredible Age-Proof skincare range (more on that later).
But to encourage women of all ages to feel empowered as they get older, they've developed the LOOK FORWARD campaign - and it's exactly what women need in today's Photoshop-saturated world.
Kiwi icon Boh Runga is a supporter of Trilogy's LOOK FORWARD campaign. Speaking to Trilogy about getting older she says: "I think I'm more confident now than I was when I was say 20 odd, I feel more confident in my own skin. I don't feel my age."
The LOOK FORWARD campaign aims to nix the age-old Western beauty notion that women are desperate to hide any signs of ageing (grey hairs? Oh no, whatever will we do!) Instead, Trilogy's LOOK FORWARD campaign wants women to look forward to their future and what's next, not worry about trying to regain their youth.
Given Trilogy's commitment to empowering women and making incredible natural products, you can guess how excited we were to hear two new products were launching in their Age-Proof range. Trilogy believe age and experience are to be valued, but they're happy to help women age-proof their skin - so they can feel and look amazing at any age.
Our team of writers at Now To Love (aged between 20 and 55), use Trilogy's range of natural skincare to help us age-proof our skin - and have noticed great results (hello, radiant, vibrant skin!)
Our editor's favourite is the Age-Proof Overnight Mask, which contains L22® - if you haven't heard of L22®, you're going to want to write the name down/memorise it/tattoo it on your arm.
L22® is a powerhouse skincare ingredient derived from jojoba, and it's responsible for mimicking the youthful skin lipid profile of a 22-year-old. That's right. You could look 22 again (but without that haircut you'd rather forget...) It also contains macadamia seed oil esters and plant squalene, which work to boost the skin's elasticity and firmness - naturally.
The mask also contains Glycablend™ (another skincare powerhouse ingredient - is there anything this mask doesn't have?). For those who don't know about Glycablend™, it's Trilogy's latest innovation that fights glycation, which causes healthy collagen fibres in the skin to harden and lose their elasticity as we age. It contains the nourishing plant oils of pomegranate seed oil (which is rich in polyphenols), blueberry seed oil (with lots of in vitamin E), strawberry seed oil (contains anti-oxidants) and chia seed oil (a great blend of omega 3 and omega 6).
The mask also has vitamin C in it, which we all know is a key ingredient in skincare.
To use, simply pop on the mask at night and wake up to nourished, firm and radiant skin.
Behind the scenes of Trilogy's incredible Look Forward campaign. Along with Boh Runga, Wentworth actress Leeanna Walsman, model and wellness contributor Abigail O'Neill and creative Scarlett Vespa are on board with the campaign.
Our health editor's favourite is the Age-Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate, which works to brighten, hydrate and tone the under-eye area.
It also contains L22® (Trilogy is currently the only brand in NZ to bring this to market!), but also utilises powerhouse ingredients hyaluronic acid (which keeps the skin hydrated and plump) and caffeine (no, it's not just found in your morning coffee.) To apply the under-eye product, use the cooling, new metal applicator - this helps reduce puffiness and dark circles.
Both of Trilogy's new Age-Proof products are NATRUE certified (phew!) and are, of course, going to make your skin look healthy, radiant and firm - so you can more spend time focusing on things important to you, knowing your skin is taken care of.
For your chance to try the new Age-Proof products (and give your skin a serious boost), enter our competition to go in the draw to win more than $350 of Trilogy products or purchase them online or in-store.
Take a look at Trilogy's empowering LOOK FORWARD campaign.
Trilogy's incredible Age-Proof Overnight Mask.
Four wonderful women all in support of empowerment.
Two new goodies from Trilogy's Age-Proof range.
Boh Runga says she's looking forward to "making more music, possibly with the band I used to be in and also writing."
Our favourite natural, age-proofing duo.
Trilogy products are available in Farmers, Unichem and Life Pharmacy.