The New Year's resolutions Kiwis are making for 2017

What do New Zealanders really want to change in 2017?

For many of us, the end of the year is a chance to reflect on the months passed, and look forward to the next year ahead.
It’s also a time when many of us choose to make new year’s resolutions, and make plans to achieve our goals – however big or small.
So whether you’re planning on shifting that final extra kilogram, run a marathon, or simply make more time for you – here are five top tips from Women’s Weekly on how to stuck to your resolution in 2017.
1 Pick one thing. And channel your energy into it. Need to quit smoking? Don’t try overhauling your entire lifestyle at the same time. Start small and reward yourself in other ways.
2 Pick a definitive start date. Will you new year’s resolution start on the first? Or is it more sensible to wait till you’re back off holiday mode?
3 Accept failure – but don’t throw in the towel. If you’re trying to change something drastic about your life – like your diet, drinking or smoking – chances are you may have the odd slip up. Accept that this is OK, and a bump in the road, but don’t stop trying altogether.
4 Start an internal mantra. Say you were quitting smoking. What is motivating you to do so in the first place? Come up with three reasons you’re doing what you’re doing and every time you feel like caving, repeat them to yourself. You could try: “I want to stay healthy for myself and my kids. I want to have better skin and hair. I want to feel energised and happy.”
5 Reward yourself. Changing your life is a big deal. If you’re giving up cigarettes, plan rewards for when you reach certain milestones. Maybe after the first week completely smoke free you go for a little dinner to celebrate, after the first month maybe put the money you’ve saved from not buying cigarettes towards something for yourself. A massage or a day out with the family.