The healthy habit that is as dirty as licking the toilet

Many of us do this every single day.

Toilet seat
We’re constantly being told to drink more water. That’s why many of us keep a refillable bottle of water close to hand at work or home.
But according to new research, refilling a water bottle isn’t as healthy as many of us might think.
Research from treadmillreviews has found that water bottles are actialy covered in germs – and that reusing one time and time again is as bad as licking your toilet.
Scientists lab tested bottles after they were used for a week, and the worst was found to actually have more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
The average person’s water bottle was found to have 313,499 colony forming units per square cm, which is a huge amount of germs.
And the news gets even worse as researchers found 60% of the germs found on water bottles were able to make people sick.
So what can you do to reduce the risk?
The general consensus seems to be that stainless steel bottles carry fewer germs – so it might be worth investing in one of those. Similarly, any bottles that have odd crevices or hard to reach areas are thought to be more germ ridden, as they’re difficult to clean.
Cleaning your bottle every day is also a sure fire way to reduce you chance of getting sick – putting water in it does not keep it clean.