The diet secrets behind Adele's slimdown

Get the secret to Adele's fabulous new figure

Adele in February 2013 and in February 2016
First she wowed us with her amazing voice, now Adele’s got everyone talking about her fabulous new figure. When the star, 28, appeared by video at the Billboard Music Awards looking noticeably slimmer, we couldn’t wait to find out how she did it.
Well, it turns out the singer has been following the latest superfood plan – the Sirtfood Diet. While most weight-loss regimes centre on avoiding certain foods, this diet focuses on what you should include. So you’re eating delicious food and losing weight in the process!
What are sirtfoods?
1 They’re foods that are high in substances called sirtuin activators. There are seven types of sirtuin found in the body.
2 Sirtuins can help you shift weight because they fire up pathways in the body that boost metabolism.
3 These pathways help you torch fat and boost muscle. They’re usually activated by exercising and fasting. If you’ve ever done the 5:2 Diet, you’ll have fired up your sirtuins.
4 By mimicking the effects of fasting or vigorous exercise, sirtfoods trick your body into sparking up your metabolism.
5 As well as helping you shift weight, a diet high in sirtfoods can reduce cell inflammation – a key cause of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even dementia. Sirtfoods are also known to help protect cells from dying, which speeds up the ageing process, so eating lots of them can have anti-ageing benefits.
1 Green tea
2 Kale
3 Dark chocolate
4 Red wine
5 Turmeric
6 Parsley
7 Onions
8 Olives and olive oil
9 Pomegranate
10 Soy beans and tofu

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