Tampon subscriptions are officially a thing

'That time of the month' just got a lot easier.

By Erin Berryman
It seems 2018 is poised to be all about making life easier.
We're living in a pretty sweet time - we can get our dry cleaning picked up and delivered, McDonald's without leaving the house (or changing out of our PJs!) and alcohol delivered in under an hour – albeit mildly lazy, we're all about the ease and accessibility.
Enter the latest delivery service with 'that time of the month' in mind… tampons.
What woman hasn't been caught short at least once in her life? The idea is simple and it's a wonder it's taken this long to gain traction.
Businesses like The Monthly Co. and GoGo Tampons operate via a monthly subscription model, where you curate a box according to your 'flow' and it's delivered straight to your door, at the same time each month - you can lock in for a three, six or 12 month subscription.
Each box contains 15 or 30 tampons, which is based on the average amount a woman goes through during a cycle.
There are three sizes – mini, regular and super, and some companies offer a pick and mix option.You can expect to pay about $5 or $7.50 for 30 high quality tampons – which is pretty reasonable with delivery included.
To put that into perspective - Libra Tampons Regular 16pk are $4 and U By Kotex Tampons Regular 16pk is $4.89 at the supermarket (when not discounted).Newer start-up, The Monthly Co., is set to launch soon and their model is one with a conscious difference. With every order they will donate a box of tampons to women in need through their charity partner Aviva.
To incentivise you even more, they're also 100 per cent organic cotton and biodegradable, so better for you and the environment… win-win!
For roughly $1-$2 difference and the added bonus of convenience, this is a movement we can definitely get on board with!
Erin is the editor of BEAUTYDIRECTORY and beauty editor of Good Health Choices and Food. You can follow her on Instagram @erinberr.