Small changes for a healthy life

Scientists are always coming up with new ways for us to stay healthy. ouch of it leads to the usual advice - eat lots of fruit and veges, exercise regularly and avoid processed foods. But they also come up with some rather unusual tips.

  • Sniff an apple to stop a migraine
An apple a day may have even more benefits than previously thought. US researchers have found that the smell of green apples can help to reduce the severity of migraines.The scientists think this could have something to do with the ability of pleasant fragrances to relax us and reduce tension. The odour may also help by distracting us from thinking about the pain.
  • Keep your medication in the airing cupboard
A lot of people tend to store their tablets in the bathroom but this is probably the worst place you can keep them. Keeping pills in the bathroom means they are constantly exposed to factors such as light, heat or humidity. This causes them to degrade and will often reduce their potency. A dry, dark location is better as long as it doesn't get too warm. An airing cupboard would be a good option.
  • Drink chocolate milk after a workout
A recent study by the University of Texas suggests chocolate milk is the ideal drink to help with your body's recovery after a workout. That's because consuming protein after exercise can help muscles become stronger. Drinking milk can provide protein, along with electrolytes. The flavouring provides a carbohydrate boost and the sugar can help restore lost energy, according to the researchers. The study found athletes who drank low-fat chocolate milk had significantly higher power levels than those who had either a sports drink or water.
  • Change radio stations if you want to lose weight
Doing something different every day - even something as simple as changing radio stations - may help you toshed those unwanted kilos.A British psychologist has looked into ways to kick bad habits such as overeating. He found that doing little things differently can helpto shake us out of our daily routines and lose weight.Deeply ingrained ways of thinking and behaving can contribute to bad habits, such as snacking on junk food. Small changes, such as driving a different way to work, watching a different TV channel or sitting in a different chairat the table to eat dinner may also help to reprogramme your thinking.
  • Shave off the mo' to overcome allergies
oen with moustaches may want to think again about their facial hair if they are prone to having allergy problems. Allergy specialists say moustaches and beards can trap pollen, which may make allergies worse. one study has found men with allergies who washed their moustaches twice a day with liquid soap didn't have to take as many antihistamines. An alternative may be shaving moustaches and beards off altogether.
Health watch
  • Scientists have invented man-made spinal discs which they hope will help relieve back pain. They're still carrying out trials but say the discs, which are made from living tissue, are able to replace those that have been damaged or degenerated.
  • Too much salt may be bad for your brain as well as your heart, according to recent research. Canadian scientists have found just over a teaspoon of salt per day may increase the risk of Alzheimer's. Elderly people who have a diet which is rich in salt and do little exercise may lose their memory and mental faculties sooner than those who have a lower salt intake.

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