Siobhan Marshall shares her wellness routine

Siobhan reveals her go-to strategies for dealing with rough times.

Talk us through your average daily routine
At the moment I'm 33 weeks pregnant and morning sickness has returned so I'm starting my day very slowly and often staring at the toilet bowl. Fun, fun, but not long to go now!
What kind of work outs do you enjoy the most?
Usually, I love indoor netball. (I'm not currently playing) At the moment I'm enjoying walking and also prenatal yoga.
What motivates you to work out?
I feel better once I get myself moving. With morning sickness etc I've noticed if I go for my morning walk it seems to sort it out quicker. Stretching out with yoga and exercising to gain strength really makes a difference to my day-to-day living.
Is there anything you really enjoy that your mental health benefits from?
I meditate daily. I also watch a lot of comedies and laugh at my husband all the time!

When going through rough times, how do you try to pick yourself up and stay strong?
I've always loved the old self help books. I'll bury myself in one of those and usually get something out of it to help me through.
Friends are also important to me and my relationship with my husband. I like to remind my self constantly of all the amazing people and experiences in my life - to feel grateful for it all.
This will usually fix things so that my perspective isn't skewed anymore and I'm not sweating the small stuff OR if things just plain suck, I'll just eat a bunch of chocolate and demand a hug from the nearest person or dog.
I guess my advice for getting through hard times is to remember that nothing lasts forever. Things are always shifting and changing, this means hard times can't stay that way forever.