New online tool can measure your melanoma risk

The tool created by Australian researchers can predict your risk of developing the deadly skin cancer.

People over 40 will now be able to check their risk of developing melanoma using a new online tool designed by Queensland researchers.
Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Australia and New Zealand have the highest rate of melanoma diagnosis in the world, according to the Cancer Council Australia. In fact, melanoma is so prevalent, every five hours one Australian will die from melanoma says Melanoma Institute Australia.
Professor David Whiteman from the medical research institute QIMR Berghofer, said early detection of melanoma is vital, and the tool they've developed can help people identify if they're at risk.
"This online risk predictor will help identify those people with the highest likelihood of developing melanoma so that they and their doctors can decide how to best manage their risk," he said.
Professor Whiteman added it's also important people spoke to their doctors about their melanoma risk.
"It's up to individuals to talk to their doctors about whether they need regular skin checks," Professor Whiteman said.
The melanoma risk assessment is live here.