Why natural ingredients are the latest in blemish-fighting skincare

Skincare doesn't need to be full of chemicals to offer big results.

By Now To Love with Sukin
As those of us with problem skin will know all too well, learning how to fight inflamed and angry spots is an absolute pain.
It's a fair assumption that we all groan a little internally when a pimple pops up overnight, and is it just us, or do blemishes seem to appear right when they're really unwanted? When you need to get a new drivers licence picture for example, or are due to give a work presentation or when you've got a date that you're very excited for.
Most of us do anything we can to clear up the culprit immediately - after all, having healthy, glowing skin is incredibly confidence-boosting.
However, in our haste to let our spot know it isn't welcome, we tend to make hasty decisions about how we tackle said blemish.
Many of us will squeeze the pimple (tut, tut), some resort to putting toothpaste on their zit (with the hope of drying it out) and another good chunk of us will run to the pharmacy and pick up any product promising to stop the spot in its tracks.
The problem with this?
Many blemish-fighting products contain potentially harmful chemicals in their formula - chemicals that sink into your skin, which is pretty counterproductive when you're wanting to do something nice for your body.

Why naturally-derived ingredients are the future of blemish-fighting skincare

To avoid lathering chemicals on their face, many women are looking to add gentler, natural products to their skincare routine - and rightfully so.
Naturally-derived ingredients can be just as effective as their chemical counterparts - if not more - and they're not so harsh on your skin and body.
According to, when chemical-heavy skincare products are applied on the skin they are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to other areas of the body - including our organs. Chemically-laden products can even be carcinogenic (particularly if they contain parabens).
Plant-based ingredients instead harness the power of nature to nourish our skin. Many natural ingredients make terrific additions to skincare products - think tea tree, pomegranate and moringa - and work to calm and hydrate the skin, sans any chemical nasties.
Sounds good to us!

Can natural skincare help fight blemishes?

Just because they're plant-based, it doesn't mean the ingredients work any less effectively - particularly when it comes to blemishes.
If you need convincing, Sukin have the proof: A recent study from skincare powerhouse Sukin found that after four weeks of using Willowherb (a natural ingredient found in Sukin's Blemish Control range), 72 per cent of users had prevented the occurrence of blemishes, which is a shockingly good success rate.
And that's just one plant-based ingredient from their Blemish Control range - their new pimple-fighting collection of products contain a number of incredible natural ingredients.
Sukin's new Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash is a wonderfully lightweight gel cleanser that gently removes dirt, make-up and environmental pollutants using the following natural ingredients:
Eucalyptus: Which helps reduce the prevalence of bacteria on the skin, meaning less redness and fewer breakouts.
Pomegranate: Helps to balance a congested complexion and is a rich source of powerhouse skincare ingredient, vitamin C.
Tea tree: Ahhh tea tree, is there anything this miracle ingredient can't do? In this facial wash tea tree helps by absorbing excess oil and reducing the appearance of breakouts.
The next step in the blemish control range is the Pore Perfecting Toner. As we all know, toners are great for absorbing extra oil (avoid toners with alcohol in them though as these are extra drying) but Sukin's Pore Perfecting Toner also purifies the skin.
The toner utilises the above ingredients but also adds quince extract.
Quince: Helps to refine skin texture and limit shine.
Next in Sukin's Blemish Control Range is the incredible Spot Banishing Gel. The gel works rapidly to nip breakouts in the bud, refine skin texture and improves the appearance of blemishes.
The hard-working formula contains willowherb (our champion ingredient mentioned earlier), well-known pimple fighter salicylic acid and quince, and boy do these ingredients pack a punch!
Willowherb: This ingredient is known to sooth pimple prone skin and reduces that 'look at my face' redness that comes with an angry spot.
Salicylic acid: You've probably heard of this one before! Salicylic acid helps dissolve bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells that build up and create congestion and breakouts.
Sound terrific? All you need to do is apply a small pea-sized amount to the affected area - but remember to use clean fingers when applying!
Finally, what skincare routine would be complete without a hit of hydration? Sukin's Blemish Control Oil Free Moisturiser is lightweight (no greasiness, ladies), and keeps skin hydrated without creating an oily appearance.
The hard-working ingredient in this wonderful product? Moringa! Also known as the 'miracle tree' (you definitely want to put something on your face that has a reputation for being miraculous).
Moringa: This ingredient is anti-microbial, non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) and hydrates the skin. Win, win, win.
If you need help correcting problem skin, remember you don't need to resort to harsh chemicals.
It can be demoralising to still get pimples as an adult (didn't we all expect to leave spots behind in high school?) but take solace in the fact that there is something you can do about it - and it won't be harmful to your body.
Sukin products are available in department stores, online and in supermarkets.