Mum of three says she nearly died at Adele concert

The Adele fan claims she almost died after dozens of balloons were dropped on the crowd in Adelaide.

Adele in concert
Adele in concert

A mum of three from Australia has claimed she almost died, after large balloons dropped on the crowd at an Adele concert triggered her latex allergy.

Poonja Newman was at the Adelaide gig when the balloons were dropped on the crowd, causing her to have an allergic reaction.

"I felt my lips swelling and I couldn't breathe," she told Seven News.

"I knew I was in trouble."

Poonja Newman says she almost died from the reaction
Poonja Newman says she almost died from the reaction

The mum-of-three administered three EpiPens to herself to halt the reaction, but they didn't help.

Luckily, her 38-year-old sister could see what was happening, and called an ambulance to the venue.

But after emergency services took 30 minutes to arrive, her sister tearfully explained they were worried she wouldn't make it.

The family are now urging concert organisers to reconsider the covering for their balloons at future events.