Miranda Kerr shares her best health, wellness and beauty tips

The model turned business woman has revealed her favourite health products and shares the secret ingredient she adds to most recipes.

Miranda Kerr oozes wellness. And yes, the genetic lottery she won could have a little something to do with it, but the supermodel and Kora Organics owner has that healthy glow that goes beyond genetics. You can see that she actually walks the walk when it comes to her wealth of beauty, health and wellness tips.
Miranda recently chatted to Popsugar Australia and shared some of her best beauty, health and wellness tips...

Budget wellness buys

Not all wellness products are glam – not even for Miranda Kerr. Her best budget wellness buys include a dry body brush, a tongue scraper, epsom salts and coconut oil. Not glamorous, but they all do the trick!

The importance of turmeric

Miranda Kerr loves her turmeric. It's the hero ingredient in her new Kora Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask 2-in-1. Why?
"Basically for the brightening properties, the fact that it evens the skin tone and it's anti-inflammatory! It just has so many potent antioxidants. Turmeric is so important for delaying the effects of ageing and I've just found it to be incredible for all those reasons.
"I also cook with it every day. I've got my roast chicken, which is roast turmeric chicken that I make, but I'll also put in in stir fry, or sometimes when I make bolognese I'll add in turmeric. I just find because of the anti-inflammatory properties I'll just kind of add it to everything that I'm cooking with. It's also good as a tea! You know Orchard Street? They made me a special turmeric tea and it's really gentle and soothing and I like it a lot," Miranda explained to Popsugar Australia.

Her morning skin care routine

To get her daily glow, Miranda cleanses, then uses her new Tumeric 2-in-1 mask before applying her Noni Glow Face Oil. She then massages the oil in with her Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor to reduce puffiness and get the circulation in her face going.
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