Possible case of sexually transmitted Zika virus being investigated in NZ

The New Zealand Ministry of Heath are investigating a case where the Zika virus may have been sexually transmitted.

Investigations are underway into a possible case of sexual transmission of Zika virus in New Zealand.
A man has tested positive for the mosquito-borne illness after visiting a country where Zika virus is currently being actively transmitted, Ministry of Health spokesman Dr Don Mackie said.
His female partner, who has not recently traveled to a Zika-affected country, has also tested positive for Zika. Both have now fully recovered and suffered only mild symptoms.
The Ministry say they are considering two potential forms of transmission - unprotected sex, or whether the woman had been bitten by an infected mosquito brought into New Zealand in her partner’s luggage.
Dr Mackie said there is limited scientific evidence to suggest the virus can be sexually transmitted.
The couple's property is being checked for any exotic mosquitoes, and at this stage, none have been found.
"The risk to the wider public is extremely low. The species of mosquito that can spread Zika are not native to New Zealand," Dr Mackie said.
The Ministry haven't released information about what country the man traveled to, or where the couple live.