Couple both diagnosed with cancer just months apart

Melbourne couple Pat and Claire wanted nothing more than to start a happy and healthy family.

What should have been the most exciting time in A Melbourne couple’s life quickly turned into a nightmare when a routine medial check found some heartbreaking results.
In late 2014, Pat Constatinou and his wife Claire were preparing to start trying for a family when Claire's blood test showed worryingly high levels of white blood cells, depicting a diagnosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.
It was a devastating blow, only to be made that much more painful by her husband’s Glioblastoma brain cancer diagnosis, which came just five months later.
Pat's recent scan. Pic via: GoFundMe
After undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and three radical brain surgeries (the most recent of which cost $95,000), Pat's tumour recently returned for the fourth time. Out of options after being told he had only weeks to live, he’s now turned to a promising new trial drug.
The treatment, which goes by the name Keytruda, is administered through an IV drip every three weeks. At over $7,000 each treatment, Pat and Claire were struggling financially.
However, with the generous help from friends, family and kind strangers through donations to their GoFundMe campaign, the couple have been able to begin the trial.
Pic via: GoFundMe
“Last week he was told these drugs will only reduce symptoms of the tumour growth, so he is in need of a promising new trial to become available,” revealed a thankful Claire in an update posted to the crowdfunding page.
“Throughout this journey Pat has tackled each challenge like the warrior he is and I know with his strength and super good looks, he will do it again.”
“Pat is the love of my life, and the most resilient person I have ever met. With his strength and ability to remain positive, I know if anyone can beat this, he can.”
To donate, or to find out more about Pat and Claire's story, check out their GoFundMe page here.