Marilyn Monroe's best-kept health and fitness secrets

Ever wondered how Marilyn maintained her incredible figure? This is how.

Previously we found out what Marilyn Monroe used to eat every day from a 1952 interview with Pageant Magazine, but there's a lot more to that story.
Her, er, unique diet was just one interesting tidbit from the unearthed article entitled 'How I Stay In Shape'.
In fact, Marilyn Monroe revealed quite a few health and beauty secrets, from her daily bust-firming exercises to why she always avoided tanning.
We've gathered up a few of our favourite health and beauty quotes from the interview below.

On exercise...

"Each morning after I brush my teeth, wash my face and shake off the first deep layer of sleep, I lie down on the floor beside my bed and begin my first exercise," Marilyn told the magazine.
"It is a simple bust-firming routine which consists of lifting five-pound (roughly 2.5 kilo) weights from a spread-eagle arm position to a point directly above my head. I do this 15 times, slowly. I repeat the exercise another 15 times from a position with my arms above my head. Then, with my arms at a 45-degree angle from the floor, I move my weights in circles until I'm tired. I don't count rhythmically like the exercise people on the radio; I couldn't stand exercise if I had to feel regimented about it."

On sleeping…

"I hate to do things in a hurried, tense atmosphere, and it is virtually impossible for me to spring out of bed in the morning," she said.
"On Sunday, which is my one day of total leisure, I sometimes take two hours to wake up, luxuriating in every last moment of drowsiness. Depending upon my activities, I sleep between five and ten hours every night."

On tanning...

"Despite its great vogue in California, I don't think sun-tanned skin is any more attractive than white skin, or any healthier, for that matter. I'm personally opposed to a deep tan because I like to feel blond all over," Marilyn said.