Self-care for new mums: Kate Cameron learns the importance of taking care of herself post-baby

New mums need to learn to prioritise their mental and physical health after having a baby.

By Bronte Chaperon
Welcome to the last episode of Keeping It Together With Kate!
Now To Love has been checking in with former Bachelorette Kate Cameron fortnightly as she continues her health and wellness journey - and this last episode is extra special.
In the video (above) Kate looks at a tricky and personal issue - and a topic close to the heart of every new mum: how to balance both her and her baby's needs.
It might seem natural for new mums to sacrifice their needs for their baby, but in this episode of Keeping It Together With Kate we learn why this isn't beneficial for mum or baby.
Clinical Psychologist Jacqui Maguire talks us through prioritising ourselves and why we shouldn't feel guilty about this.
"I think women have an inner expectation that 'as soon as I have a baby they are the priority and I come second to that...' actually you have to put the oxygen mask on first in order to be able to care for your baby."
Jacqui's advice? Surround yourself with a good support network and work out how best to improve your wellbeing - keeping in mind it may be different to how you improved your happiness pre-baby.
Kate with Jacqui.
In this fortnight's fitness session Kate increases the difficulty of her exercises.
Over the past few episodes Kate has been working on improving her core strength after birth and completing low intensity exercises, but this week will be a little different.
Personal trainer Kate Ivey has given Kate the all-clear to intensify her fitness routine - so Kate steps it up a notch.
While a little apprehensive at first, this fortnight Kate tries her hand at lunges (ouch!) and half press-ups.
Half press-ups are a quick and easy (okay, maybe not easy) way to build upper body strength.
In the kitchen this fortnight registered dietitian Sylvia North talks about the healthiness of eggs, explaining: "in the yolk of the egg there's really rich sources of vitamins and minerals, particularly fat soluble vitamins."
As if we needed another reason to have a Saturday morning eggs benedict!
Kate's a wee bit excited to be talking all-things eggs, something she says they spend a lot on in her household.
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