How The Project co-host Kanoa Lloyd looks after her mind, body and spirit

The Project's Kanoa Lloyd opens up about the exercise that calms and balance her mind - and shares profound thoughts on health and body image.

By Erin Fisher
A working day in the life of Kanoa Lloyd can be a crazy ride, from getting glammed up for photo shoots and interviews, to hours of prep each afternoon before her nights as one of the anchors on TV3's The Project.
Behind the scenes, Kanoa is incredibly down to earth, and loves taking things at a more relaxed pace. She's all about beach days with her dog, having her nose in a book or just being at home with her husband.
The former radio and children's television host still gets butterflies being on the show and at times it can be emotionally challenging.
"I still get nervous, but it's becoming easier and more comfortable up there. When people are being really honest with you about things like fertility struggles, that can be difficult, and I've certainly shed some tears.
"But I think that because we're so tight as a crew, you don't have to be the tough guy, there's no pressure to hide how you're feeling," she says.

When she's not on set, looking after her mind, body and soul is a big priority for Kanoa.
She takes a holistic approach, making sure each week she finds time to get out into nature, as well as practicing yoga, breathing exercises and mindfulness. Whether her yoga practice is at home or at a studio, it's become an important part of her routine and keeping stress at bay.
"It's something that I do for a healthy mind," she says. "It's not about getting your knee to touch your nose, its more about the way you move in the world. I often do yoga in the morning and I see it as a way to get some oxygen in my brain before I go about tackling the day."

In a bid to boost her energy levels, she's recently begun a new eating regime, and is walking a lot more in preparation for her next big goal, but Kanoa isn't big fan of obsessing about her body.
"My health routine is not so much about wanting to feel great in a dress, it's more about wanting to have my head in the game and having the energy to do everything.
"I've got an amazing job to think about, and friends and family that I want to invest my energy in. My mind, and feeling comfortable and peaceful is way higher up on the list."
For more about Kanoa's new eating regime, life off camera and her wellness tips, check out the December issue of Good Health & Wellbeing.

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