Married At First Sight's Jo Mcpharlin shares an inspiring message about her weight loss transformation

“I don’t give a toss about what people think I look like, I am just me. Love me or hate me, I’m just me.”

While Jo Mcpharlin, aka Foxy Jojo, didn't find love after her appearance on 2018's season of Married At First Sight Australia, one thing's for sure, she cemented herself as one of our all-time favourite MAFS brides.
The bubbly mum's down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to life was a breath of fresh air and it seems, more than a year on, she's applying that same attitude to her incredible weight loss transformation, sharing a snap on her Instagram showing off a noticeably slimmed-down figure in a gorgeous summery polka dot dress.

But as is expected, the 42-year-old says it's not all about weight loss, sharing an inspiring message of body positivity and confidence.
"I used to absolutely HATE my arms, I would wear anything I could to cover them over even cardigans or jackets on a 43° day but I learnt last year in fact that no one actually cared what they looked like but me," she former reality TV star shared to her 42k followers.
"No one ever criticised them or made a comment on how big they were but me. I was my own worst enemy."
Jo added that she realised she was her own toughest critic and promised to stop being so harsh on herself – to which she credits for changing her life forever and giving her a new sense of confidence and pride.
"I don't give a toss about what people think I look like, I am just me. Love me or hate me, I'm just me," Jo wrote.
Jo was matched with Sean (left) but sadly the union didn't last.
"So for all the DM's asking me, it's not about any weight loss at all it's about feeling beautiful in your own skin, owning what you have whether you are size 6 or size 36, have lumpy bits and bumpy bits, have one boob bigger than the other, have a baby bump, saggy bum cheeks, thighs that rub together, I want you all to start the new year showing to the world 👉 I am good enough, love me as I am or sod off.
"Embrace your body everyone, you only have one, start loving it."
Since sharing her message, Jo's followers have praised and thanked her for her inspiring words.
"This is me right now I know I'm my worst enemy, thank you for sharing your story I needed this," one follower commented.
Adding, "Will try to practice more self love in the new year. Wishing you all the best for 2020!"
Jo has had an incredible weight loss transformation since her appearance on MAFS, but Jo says it's about so much more than just weight loss.
"I needed to read this…" another follower wrote, "Just on our way home from the beach with our first baby, 5 months old… and I hated taking my dress off and walking to the water in my swimmers…\
"But your [sic] right… maybe I'm the only one who cared what I looked like haha xx thank you 💙"
Wrapping up the inspiring message, Jo signed off with a few more words of wisdom: "As a very wise person said to me, you only die once but you live every day so start bloody living and enjoying life before it's too late xx."