Dancing with the Stars' Jess Quinn shares her go-to wellness routine

Model and former Dancing with the Stars contestant, Jess Quinn, reveals how she handles adversity and what her favourite workout is.

Talk us through your daily routine

I'm currently in an adjustment phase as I usually start my day with a walk and/or the gym but I'm currently injured so taking the time to slow my body down.
At the moment I get up, make myself a hot lemon water, try my best to make the time to do a short meditation, make breakfast and go up the road for a coffee or sit in nature.
After this I begin checking emails and social media. I notice a huge difference in my day if I spend the first hour reasonably slow so I'm trying to make a habit of that.

What kind of work outs do you enjoy the most?

Boxing is my favourite way to move my body. It makes me feel strong and powerful (and extremely exhausted by the end of the workout).
For me, I workout to challenge my abilities. I like finding new ways to do things, testing my body and pushing my limits. This always motivates me to keep going.

How do you try to stay positive and mentally healthy?

Cooking is my de-stress! 100 per cent. If I have a lot on my mind and need to switch off I'll cook.
I like that I can get creative and just focus 100 per cent on something.

When going through rough times, how do you try to pick yourself up and stay strong?

Friends (or my sisters) are definitely my go to.
If I'm having a tough day I'll instantly call a friend, go have a coffee and a walk. Stepping away from the situation, getting some perspective and be around people who lift me up are the best ways I find to re-balance when times are tough.
Jess Quin will co-host (along with Mike Puru) the 2018 Coca-Cola Christmas In The Park event at the Auckland Domain on December 8th, and on Three on December 15th.