Jennifer Aniston's trainer reveals her fitness secrets

Jennifer's personal trainer is dishing up all the goss on how the actress maintains her svelte figure

Jennifer Aniston has one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood, and now her personal trainer is revealing just how theFriendsstar stays in shape!
According to Kathy Kaehler, Jen stays away from fad diets and instead makes time to eat "five small but nutritious meals" every day.
And while she sticks to a healthy eating plan as much as possible, Kathy says Jennifer doesn't restrict herself from the occasional treat.
"Jen does everything in moderation. She'll have a glass of red wine with a friend and really enjoy it, rather than two bottles and feel terrible for days," Kathy toldLook magazine.
Now that's the kind of diet we can get behind!
Kathy also revealed Jen's go-to snacks: goji berries, chia seeds and dark chocolate. For meals, a typical breakfast is scrambled eggs spiced with a bit of chilli, with some type of white fish for lunch.
The other key to her healthy lifestyle? Exercising regularly in small, manageable chunks. Kathy says Jen will go for a run and do five five-minute exercise routines as part of her regular workout, but at the end of the day, it's about more than just physical fitness.
"Jen knows that looking young comes from a holistic approach to life and taking care of your mind, body and soul... If you make an effort to be happy, it'll show on your face; you'll look energised," Kathy said.

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