Is skipping breakfast actually good for you?

Breakfast has long been hailed the ‘most important meal of the day.’ But is this repeated mantra actually an old wives’ tale?

Whether you’re dieting or not, having breakfast is something unanimously agreed upon as helping keep you healthier and slimmer.
Even for those who don’t feel hungry in the morning, we’re constantly being told we should force at least a piece of vogels down before we start the day.
But is breakfast actually important? One scientist has now said skipping breakfast is actually “perfectly fine”.
Not only this, but it could actually be good for you.
Dr Tim Spector writes that clinical trials reveal that breakfast skippers did not have a problem with their weight, and many actually lost it over the course of these studies.
He also pointed out that there are actual gene differences on whether you are a morning or an evening person – and this also controls when you want to eat.
Dr Spector also looked at how humans historically have not eaten three meals a day, and those that live near the Mediterranean usually only have two.
And with traditionally longer life spans and healthier weights, we could definitely all learn a thing or two from the med’s approach to eating.
He’s not the only one who supports this theory, Dr John Berardi wrote in 2013 that there were benefits to skipping breakfast – especially for people with Type 2 diabetes in one case study.
In some trials those who skipped breakfast ended up eating less overall too, and so lost weight.
What are the supposed benefits to skipping breakfast?
Some evidence suggests that skipping breakfast can increase fat breakdown, improve cardiovascular function, decrease overall food intake and improve blood glucose control. But few conclusive studies have been performed on humans.
For every one that says there are benefits, another will say there are drawbacks. So what should you take away?
Listening to your body is something we don’t put enough importance on. If you naturally wake up ravenous, you should have a healthy and fulfilling breakfast, whereas if you prefer to eat later in the morning, you should do so too.
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