If you've got a big bum you might want to read this

Science says you're better off.

big bum
For many women - a large bottom is something they actively try to avoid. But they needn't worry, as it seems big bums are not only back in fashion, they could also be a sign of good health.
A study published in the International Journal of Obesity has claimed that women who have larger derrières are actually smarter and more resistant to chronic illnesses.
Studies cited in the research project found women with larger bums tended to have lower levels of cholesterol, and produce more hormones to metabolize sugar, than their friends with smaller behinds.
The tissues found on the thighs and bum of these women seemed to ‘catch’ harmful fatty particles, preventing them from heading to the heart and causing cardiovascular disease.
And having a larger behind also seemed to link to having high levels of the hormone that regulates weight, which in turn had anti-inflammatory and vascular-protective benefits.
Women with larger bums also had higher levels of Omega 3 fats (that helped build it in the first place) – which is a fat proven to aid brain development.
In short, ladies who carry fat around the thighs and bum actually have several health boosting benefits from it, however the same amount of fat around the abdominal region is bad for internal organs.