Heroin addict to juice bar multi-millionaire

After he overdosed on heroin for the ninth time, Khalil Rafati decided it was now or never.

SunLife Transformation
At the age of 33, Khalil Rafati suffered his ninth heroin overdose.
An emaciated addict who lived on the streets of Los Angeles, Khalil was brought back to life by Paramedics, but he realised his days were numbered if he continued his life of crime.
At that moment, Khalil said he decided he would never take drugs again.
It's an addition story that seems all too familiar. But the difference is that Khalil really did it.
Thirteen years on, the former homeless addict is the multi-millionaire owner of SunLife Organics, a juice bar that aims to rejuvenate and strengthen people's health.

Even while Khalil was still in a sober living programme, he developed what would later become SunLife's signature smoothie - 'The Wolverine.'
Speaking to the New York Times, Khalil said that the smoothie has newly sober individuals in mind.
"Lethargy in early sobriety is pretty brutal, especially if you're coming off a long run with hardcore drugs."
Khalil now has an autobiography, entitled I Forgot to Die, that documents his struggle with drugs and his road to sobriety.
In a recent post on his Instagram page, the business owner wrote about how happy he was to be sober and healthy.
"Breathing in this fresh mountain air and seeing all this beauty makes me so grateful! By the grace of god I am here. Being sober has turned my life into such an incredible miracle. Thank you God for my sobriety."