Here’s why a morning coffee is good for your brain


Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee

The psychological impact of your morning coffee has been revealed, in a new survey.

A popular coffee company has looked at the way our mind's change when we have time to stop and get a coffee before beginning your day.

Nespresso found that it contributed to better productivity, and helped people to focus on their day ahead.

Half of 1000 Kiwis surveyed said that having a moment to reflect and have a cup of coffee was an important part of their morning routine.

While the coffee company behind the study might have a vested interest in the results, Auckland clinical psychologist Dr Chantal Hofstee said the findings make perfect sense from a psychological perspective, adding that having a mindful moment in the morning is a great way to prepare for the day.

Along with coffee drinking, respondents to the survey said they also engaged in mindful thinking while showering and commuting to work.

However, another researcher suggests drinking coffee first thing in the morning might be undermining the actual effect of caffeine.

Popular YouTube science show ASAP Science says that first thing in the morning, our cortisol, or stress hormone, levels are highest.

They say caffeine tends to interfere with the production of cortisol, which is a key component of our natural, day-long hormonal cycle, helping wake us up in the morning and wind us down at night.

The ASAP science team also suggest drinking coffee while cortisol is high leads us to develop long-term tolerances for caffeine, which is why so many habitual coffee drinkers say it has less of an effect on them.

Cortisol levels rise three times a day - in the early morning, mid-day and in the evening, and it's during the troughs that coffee drinkers will get the most out of their caffeine hit.