Top healthy eating tips for summer

Here's how you can keep making healthy food choices this summer

Here's how you can keep making healthy food choices this summer. Image: Getty
Whether it's backyard BBQs, picnics or fish & chips on the beach, summer can be a tricky time to stick to a healthy diet.
That doesn't mean you have to miss out completely, though! There are plenty of ways you can keep up a balanced diet without cutting everything out:
Portion control
When you're at a BBQ, use the portions on your plate as a rough guide to keep everything in balance. Registered dietitian Anna Richards recommends a quarter of the plate be made up of protein, another quarter from carbohydrates and half from vegetables and/or salad.
Watch out for carb-heavy salads such as those made with potato or pasta, as these aren't as healthy for you as leafy greens, for example.
Make fruit and veges available
If you're dining on fish and chips, you can still create a healthier meal by ensuring plenty of fresh fruit and veges are on offer as well.
"Chop up some cucumbers, put out some bowls of cherry tomatoes - just try and balance it out," Ms Richards says.
"Bear in mind that we ideally need to make half our plates vegetables and salad."
Balance the food groups
At the end of the day, a healthy diet is about taking a sensible approach to food.
"I encourage all my clients to base their meals around whole foods - fresh fruit and vegetables, grains and cereals and meat, fish and chicken," says Ms Richards.

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