Gemma McCaw's 4 healthy winter tips you need to adopt

Tried and true ways to revive body and soul in the chilly season.

By Gemma McCaw
As we head into the cooler season, it's important we establish good habits for our health and wellbeing. Sleep, exercise and diet have a huge impact on all parts of our lives. To get into healthy habits that are sustainable, try going back to basics and doing the simple things that benefit your physical, emotional and mental health.

Eat plenty of greens

Leafy vegetables are nutrient powerhouses that provide many of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need. Find more ways to up your intake of greens, whether it's adding spinach to your morning smoothie, broccoli to your salads or courgette to your burger patties. Get creative and you'll see many benefits, including anti-ageing, improved gut health and lower cholesterol.

Get plenty of sleep

Without enough sleep, it's hard to function and our immune systems are weaker. When we rest well, we make better food choices as we're not reaching for quick energy boosts (often in the form of sugar). During slumber, we are regenerating our bodies and minds, and this is imperative for wellbeing. Try not to skimp on sleep. Adopt a consistent bedtime routine and power down all of your devices at least an hour before retiring.

Drink plenty of water

The simplest habit you can adopt, which will pay dividends on your health, is to drink more water. Choosing water or herbal tea over coffee or alcohol will leave you more hydrated and less fatigued. It can even have anti-ageing benefits and help with weight management.


Exercise can be hard when we don't feel like it, but the benefits outweigh the challenge. Don't find an excuse – find a reason for you and your health. Our bodies weren't designed to be inactive all day in front of computer screens and it's up to us to change. Whether it's a brisk walk before work, a lunchtime workout or an evening exercise class, make this a priority. Regular exercise has many mental health benefits, including lifting your mood and boosting your self-esteem.

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