Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz share an empowering make-up free selfie

The best friends and former co-stars shared a beautiful make-up free selfie together - and we should all take inspiration from them.

By Bronte Chaperon
Just because they're well-known and successful movie stars, doesn't mean they don't keep it real with make-up free selfies!
Over the weekend Charlie's Angels co-stars and best friends Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz shared a candid photo of the two of them post-workout and sans make-up - and we love that they did.
In a world where retouching images, filters, Instagram highlights, gratuitous make-up products and contouring are everyday occurences, we need stars to use their celebrity to highlight the importance of going make-up-free.
Speaking to PEOPLE at Beautycon Festival about the raw image, the founder of Flower Beauty said: "We'd just come from a workout. We feel good. We're not wearing any makeup and we're just girls being ourselves. And sometimes all makeup and beauty fun aside, it's just about the raw, honest, post workout look, you know? Just be you.
"In some ways it was just another day in our world, but I felt like sharing it. I love her."

This is not the first time Drew has shared an empowering, make-up-free photo.
Last year before filming began for season two of Santa Clarita Diet (a Now To Love recommendation, by the way!) mum-of-two Drew uploaded a candid photo to Instagram that many mums (and non-mums alike) will be able to relate to.
"OH MY GOD How did I let it get this bad. Base and brows needed. Must become her," the actress captioned her photo.

The image shows Drew realising she'd forgotten to hide her grey hair and wax her eyebrows. But when you have two kids under five - who can really be bothered!? Sometimes getting enough sleep, ensuring the kids are happy and eating well take priority over looking good.
We're not saying make-up is bad, it's not, make-up can be a wonderful confidence-booster, but we are saying that feeling good in your own skin is important. And taking the time to recognise yourself without make-up and letting your skin breathe is equally as important.
Thanking Drew for her transparency, one Instagrammer wrote: "This is what life truly looks like. It's reality. No make up. No filter. No hair dye no false lashes. It's a real mother and woman growing gracefully. And it's ok. I've had these days."
And another: "This is the best post I've seen on insta! I'm in the same boat and wondering why I can't get it together, but you've just proved that there are more important things than our hair sometimes. But I bet you feel good now too xx please don't stop posting stuff like this- you have made my day!"
From the sounds of things, women are tired of seeing glossy, Photoshopped images of supermodels - they want to see authenticity on social media, and Drew is the queen of keeping things real.
Despite her owning a beauty empire, Flower Beauty, the actress turned businesswoman knows that while make-up and hair products are fun and frivolous, feeling comfortable in your own skin is important.
So she regularly uploads photos of herself with and without make-up for her followers - it's about balance after all!

We love it when Drew shares her favourite product recommendations, but we equally love how real she is! No make-up? Wearing under-eye patches? Who cares!

Drew shared a make-up-free selfie in May of her hair looking less than healthy after she tried to bleach it.
"I wanted to do something to feel more attractive to myself and it totally backfired. Sometimes when you try to improve yourself and your confidence, it can go wrong, and then you feel worse. Haven't we all had a haircut or a bad eyebrow tweeze or bad hair color and you just want to run home and get in your time machine and have a do over."
Yes, yes we have!

Never stop being you, Drew!